fb everything in life can be related to a rush song

… the good old odd signatures like 5 or 7 had at the times of PoW MD dissolved into heavily accented syncopation resulting, at best, momentarily 7/8 feel. The deep charm of Rush leaned on signature changes giving a polyrhytmic feel. Now with a presumably thick click and even unconsciously self-asserted laid back attitude results are sometimes self-evident or, well, lazy? Argh, forgive me, old respected musicians! Click should, if used, come not more than on ones, sometimes on larger entities. Old Rush had kind of African drum feel and physical drumming to feed vividity to rhythm. Life comes in fills in between the clicks. Now click and effects have tied life down BUT: In your age of over sixties, playing almost 4 hr shows, could YOU cope with it? – And… Joni got synths, Bob got electric guitar. Can Rush stick to 70’s? Nostalgia for us.



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