Rush CA review @ Kaleva 07/2012

Solid ensemble

Rush. Clockwork angels.
Roadrunner 2012.

Canadian age-old proge roller Rush has released their best album in 30 years. Clockwork is an old-fashioned concept album, whose story represents steampunk, alternate reality sci-fi with echoes of 1900th century world. Album buzzes with lost golden cities, clockwork angels ruling the laws of physics and other movers. Surprisingly, the result is that everything works perfectly. Music, lyrics, visual look: the entity is enjoyable sturdy. The trio of Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson plays together like one animal. [:)] Rocking music can not be any sharper than this. Lees voice has lowered along the years and shrieking of their early years is gone. This adds to the flavour of the band.

Petri Laukka / Tärppi TV&Menot 27.7.-2.8.2012 p. 14. (publ. Kaleva)




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