Paavolan mummon biittiä 1970

"nythän ne veet tullee, ei muuta ku ruuvista vääntää", mummo kommentoi nykymenoa 1971


Oulussa 1690-luvun nälkävuosien selviytymisstrategioita

Gradu Jyväskylästä 1998




Wall Street Code

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The Wall Street Code
The Wall Street CodeSuper quick computers and advanced mathematical formulas have largely taken over trading on the financial markets from human beings – algorithms which seem to have a life of their own. Algorithms secretly lie waiting for the moment that your Apple share or your pension money gets on…

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Mother: Caring for 7 Billion
Mother: Caring for 7 BillionThe type of world in which our ancestors lived for hundreds of thousands of years women probably had four to six children in a lifetime. Half of those children would die before they could reproduce. So the only thing we can be sure about in human population…

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Cannabis Science: How Marijuana Affects Health
Cannabis Science: How Marijuana Affects HealthDozens of major studies have been published in the last few years that indicate that the chemicals in cannabis in the lab and in animals have a significant effect on fighting almost all major cancers, including brain, breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, colon, skin, pituitary, melanoma and leukemia…

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Will Work For Free
Will Work For FreeWhat’s the biggest threat to humanity you can think of? Pollution, disease, natural disasters, terrorism, crime, drugs…? But do we ever think about our basic life support needs? We usually don’t have to because luckily for us we have a system. It’s a system where you can…

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Bangkok Girl
Bangkok Girl”Farang”… meaning ”stranger” or ”Western tourist” is one of the first words that children in Bangkok learn. In this tourist heaven what makes the headlines is not the exquisite Thailand countryside… but the sex trade, and the ”Farang” who come to exploit it. An estimated 800,000 girls…

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First Out of Africa
First Out of AfricaOn a cluster of islands deep in a Bay of Bengal live a group of people who have hidden away from the modern world. For centuries they fought off anyone who tried to intrude. Marco Polo called them cannibals. Their origins are a mystery. Where they came…

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Oululaista tervaporvaribiittiä 1800-luvulta

MUSIIKKIA WANHASSA OULUSSA: Musikantti Julinin ja vahtimestari Lemanin nuottikirjojen parhaat palat levyllä —>

Äänite on tehty 80-luvun alussa C-kasetiksi ja 2009 julkaistu CD-muodossa, varmaankin Oulun juhlavuoteen liittyen.

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