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The Yogis of Tibet
The Yogis of TibetTibet, the land of snows, is cradled in the cloud of fable. It was a place unknown to the world beyond its mountain walls for nearly a millennium. Exotic tales abounded about these unearthly people on the vast plateau embraced by the mountains. But it was not…

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The Next Wave
The Next WaveOne man’s little daughter is unaccounted for after the huge tsunami destroyed the nearby town of Okuma, Japan in March 2011. The Government stopped searching for her long time ago. But her father, Norio Kimura, has not and never will. At the same time, in a children’s…

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Trench Town: The Forgotten Land
Trench Town: The Forgotten LandMore than 2 million people visit Jamaica every year. Tourism is Jamaica’s largest source of foreign revenue. But there’s a side of Jamaica that most foreigners never see. All over Jamaica people live in severe poverty but nowhere is this more apparent than in Trench Town, Kingston…

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Pandemic: A Horizon Guide
Pandemic: A Horizon GuideThis is a story played out in an era of unprecedented technical change in which new scientific advances have given us the tools to confront some of nature’s greatest threats and where shifting national rivalries have shaped their implementation. It is also a story of the television…

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The Turning Point
The Turning PointIn the spring of 1954 Jozef Retinger, a Polish political adviser and founder of the European movement that would lead to the founding of the European Union, started the Bilderberg Group on an informal and off the record conference for political and business elites from European and…

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Genesis: Final Point
Genesis: Final PointFrom time to time a sea current brings death to the Galapagos Islands. El Nino, a meteorological phenomenon which is becoming notorious all over the world, heats up the waters on the Pacific coast and causes terrible death and destruction to animal species. But Galapagos is not…

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