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Last Chance High
Last Chance HighOn Chicago’s West Side, there is a school for the city’s most troubling youth – the Moses Montefiore Academy. Most of the pupils there have been expelled from other schools for causing serious problems, and many have been diagnosed with various psychological disorders. Last Chance High transports…

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White Sharks Outside the Cage
White Sharks Outside the CageThe darkest depths of the sea hold a secret. Shrouded in mystery and fear, beyond the protection of the cage lurks a leviathan, rarely seen and studied only at great peril. Scientists struggle to unravel its secrets but most of the time it has remained beyond their…

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A Burning Question
A Burning QuestionThere seems to be a lot of bewilderment and doubt around climate change in the public. It’s a difficult story to swallow and to comprehend what it means for humanity. So what do the ordinary people think about climate change in relation to what scientists are trying…

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Heavyweights with Unexpected Skills
Heavyweights with Unexpected SkillsBreathtakingly beautiful but hostile to all life is the far north of Szpicbergen. Walruses are used to this freezing cold. They lump around in the shallow waters and that’s a rare opportunity for accompanying these dangerous seals on their dives. The Norwegian Szpicbergen archipelago, also called Svalbard,…

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The Truth about Depression
The Truth about DepressionOnly someone who has had it knows how paralyzing depression can be. No one is immune. There’s a one in four chance that depression will affect you at some stage in your life. It’s bad enough to get it, but the stigma can make you feel much…

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Christian Dilemmas
Christian DilemmasThe authentic beliefs, customs and concepts of Christianity were immensely different from what they’re today. The Christian Dilemmas, a three part series, discerns the changes and analyzes the disagreements that have caused anxiety among religious scholars and advocates of the faith. The dictionary says that faith is…

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