Hyvillä aiheilla tulee nettidokumentit tällä kertaa. Journalismi, jalkapallo, ekologinen tietoisuus

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The Collision of Journalism and Consumerism
The Collision of Journalism and Consumerism

Any impairment of the free press’ circulation to the people diminishes the efficiency and the value therefore of the democracy. In a democracy since the citizens are ”running things” and deciding who’s in office and making very important decisions when they go to vote, it’s extremely important…Watch now…



In 1968, Apollo 8 went to the moon. They didn’t land but they did circle the moon and, as was shown on television, at a certain point one of the astronauts casually said that they’re gonna turn the camera around and show us the Earth. And he…Watch now…


The Other Side of Brazil’s World Cup
The Other Side of Brazil's World Cup

In 2007, FIFA chose Brazil to host the World Cup. It seemed like brilliant idea hosting the World Cup in the most football-fanatic country on the planet. Little did they expect that it would become the focus of some of the largest protests Brazil has seen in…Watch now…


Why We Breathe: Yoga
Why We Breathe: Yoga

Shot over a half year period across the US, in a diverse circumstances and interesting interviews, this documentary was developed out of the notion to comprehend why people tend to do the things they do. Particularly, the film asks the question, why do you practice yoga? Why…Watch now…


The Fake Trade
The Fake Trade

This is a documentary about an illegal activity that’s engulfing the world. It’s a narrative about the popular brands and the ”appetite” gone wild for their imitations. It’s a story about how China became the superpower where almost everything is produced and manufactured and in the same…Watch now…


The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness
The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness

Part of what Andrew Faust does is teaching how to apply permaculture in the urban landscape and part of what he’ll be presenting in this video is a lot of information he’s accumulated over the last 20 years as an educator and 8 years of living off…Watch now…


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