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The Origin of Democracy
The Origin of Democracy

The Origin of Democracy contrasts three ancient civilizations – Roman, Greek, and Persian – primarily focusing on their approaches to ruling the citizens that comprised them. In 392 B.C., in Athens, Socrates was found guilty by jury for corrupting the minds of young…Watch now…


Courageous Learning
Courageous Learning

Courageous Learning is a documentary produced by Ellucian, a developer of software and management systems for higher education institutions, that aims to realign the present waning perspective on the importance of higher education in the United States today. Voiced by voiceover superstar Dennis…Watch now…


America’s Surveillance State
America's Surveillance State

This six part documentary series, America’s Surveillance State, dissects the United States’ present surveillance condition. The thesis statement of the series is that privacy as we understand it is an antiquated fantasy – that we need to adjust our way of living to…Watch now…


The Camera that Changed the World
The Camera that Changed the World

Prior to 1960, cameras capable of capturing the moving image were cumbersome and clunky, devoid of the ability to capture anything more than staged drama in a studio. As the 1950’s wound down, filmmakers in the U.S. and France had a burning desire…Watch now…


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