Pillars of Creation

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NASA Releases New High-Definition View of Iconic ‘Pillars of Creation’ Photo


In 1995 the Hubble Space Telescope captured one of the most iconic astronomical images of all time, "The Pillars of Creation." 20 years later, the Hubble paid another visit to the Pillars, this time with a brand new camera capable of much higher resolutions. The astonishing results of that visit were published by NASA yesterday.

Artist Jeremy Miranda Examines Memory with Oil Landscapes that Bleed into Interiors


Artist Jeremy Miranda is fascinated with how the mind creates memories and the juxtaposition of experiences both real and perceived. His oil paintings overlap interior and exterior environments to create unexpected relationships between disparate subjects.


The Armstrong Light Trap, a Desktop Lamp Inspired by Moon Craters


Inspired by the pockmarked surface of the moon, Russian designer Constantin Bolimond developed this fun concept for a ceramic desktop lamp covered with corked “craters.” The intensity of the Armstrong Light Trap can be adjusted by opening or closing individual craters to reveal the LED light inside.

A Bioluminescent Forest Created with Digital Projection Mapping

Photographer Tarek Mawad and animator Friedrich van Schoor just spent six weeks embedded in nature to create Bioluminescent Forest. The 4-minute short film imagines what various plants, insects, spiderwebs, and mushrooms might look like if they possessed the ability to emit bioluminescent light, creating a strange wonderland of blinking and twinkling organisms.

Thomas Poulsom’s LEGO Birds Now Available as an Official LEGO Set


A few years ago we mentioned LEGO and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom who designed a beautiful series of LEGO bird specimens. Poulsom submitted his concept to LEGO Ideas, and enough people voted to turn the birds into an official kit that includes his blue jay, robin, and humming bird models.

Heavy Metals: New Underwater Ink and Metal Photographs by Alberto Seveso

6015f61d-8e50-46bc-9c40-8e52eaffebcc.jpgBristol-based illustrator and photographer Alberto Seveso just shared a new collection of underwater ink photographs titled Heavy Metals. Seveso achieves the ethereal forms in his photographs by mixing ink with metallic powders which are then suspended in different fluids.

Pixel: A Mesmerizing Dance Performance Incorporating Interactive Digital Projection


Pixel is an innovative dance performance conceived by French performance artists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, known collectively as the Adrien M / Claire B Company, in collaboration with hip-hop choregrapher Cie Kafig. The hour-long performance incorporates a host of digital projection mapping techniques, 11 dancers, and bills itself as “a work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, hip hop and circus.”

From the Colossal Shop: Flipbooks are Back!


If you missed out on snagging one of these fun and innovative flipbooks the last time they were in the Colossal Shop, now’s your chance. Created by Japanese book-artist duo Mo Hitotsu No Kenkyujo, Flipbooks utilize a unique diecut process to tell their whimsical tales. Check out all four volumes available at the Colossal Shop.

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