Tabletin lasi rikki? DIY.

DIY repair. As with any project, you can save money on your tablet repair if you are willing to do the work yourself. My husband and I found that the parts necessary to pry off and then replace the cracked screen cost us about $80 total from Amazon. There are many YouTube videos that detail how to go about fixing broken tablets, and the website is an excellent resource for DIY gadget and machine repair. Provided you know for certain what is wrong with your broken tablet — and websites like ifixit and other boards can help you to correctly diagnose your problem — fixing your gadget yourself is a cost-effective way to get back to playing Angry Birds.

One caveat, however: you need to be careful and precise while following the DIY instructions. After my husband had painstakingly removed all of the shattered glass from our iPad 2, he placed the new glass incorrectly on the tablet and ended up breaking one corner of it, as well, rendering our repair useless. Luckily, another glass front only cost us $45, so we’re still ahead in the repair process. And, more importantly, my husband can no longer make fun of me for originally breaking the iPad, which is information that could come in handy one of these days.



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