if you make heavy music (free training)

Date: 2017-04-22 15:43 GMT+03:00
Subject: if you make heavy music (free training)
To: floorflowersmusic

If you’re into making hard hitting music, you’re going to love this…

One of my good buddies, Jordan Valeriote, has produced records for bands including Silverstein (Rise Records), Intervals, Forevermore (Tooth and Nail), Counterparts (Victory), Dead and Divine, Neck Deep (Hopeless Records) and he has just put together a tracking tutorial series tailored to that aggressive, heavy style of music.

And right now, for Recording Revolution readers, he’s offering three of the videos absolutely free, but only for the next 8 days.

Video 1 covers “Capturing Drums”

  • In-depth walkthrough of how to mic up a drum kit for heavy music.
  • Hear what good raw drums should sound like at the tracking stage.
  • Free Drum Tracking Cheatsheet download with go-to mics and positions for drums.

Video 2 will cover “Guitar Tone”

  • How to mic a guitar cab.
  • See the guitar chain & watch Jordan dial in a guitar tone quickly.
  • Learn a new mental framework for tracking guitars that will 10x your quality.

And finally, Video 3 goes into “Tracking Vocals”

  • See Jordan’s go-to vocal chain and favourite microphone for aggressive vocals.
  • Learn the comp-on-the-fly vocal tracking strategy to get the best takes and keep sessions moving quickly.

It’s pretty cool since this free training series gives you an inside look at how Jordan records a real band. But remember, he’s only opening up these free videos to you for being a Recording Revolution subscriber for the next 8 days – that’s it.

So click here to sign up for these free videos and start watching video 1 right now
As always, I try to add value each week to what you’re doing in your studio and if making heavier music is your thing, you don’t want to miss these videos.


Graham Cochrane

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